Orsha district: population decreases, unlike the number of electors

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Orsha Regional Executive Committee formed the precincts for the election of President of the Republic of Belarus by its ruling #961 of 29 September 2010.

According to this decision, the voting in the Orsha district will take place at 43 precincts. The number of precincts hasn’t changed since the local election that was held in April 2010. There is one closed precinct, located in the Republican hospital of invalids of World War II (precinct #35). However, the number of electors differs greatly across the precincts. For instance, there are 2,582 electors in Babinichski precinct #13, and just 160 – at Shybekski precinct #41.

As it was discovered during the formation of the precincts, the number of electors increased considerably in comparison to the previous election, though the borders of the precincts remain the same. Thus, now there 514 instead of 429 electors in Andreyeushchynski precinct #1, 2,582 instead of 2,472 in Babinichski precinct #13 and 761 instead of 701 – in Zaslounauski precinct #28. This looks even strange if we take into account that the population of the Orsha district continues decreasing.

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