Maladechna authorities mislead organizers of electoral pickets

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 25 September Maladzechanskaya Hazeta published ruling #733 of the Maladzechna District Executive Committee that determined the places banned for electoral picketing. According to the publication, the ban concerned the 50-meter zone of a large number of state institutions. There was also a special point, according to which picketing was also prohibited at the central square and the ground in front of the Culture Palace.

Having read about it, the head of Ryhor Kostuseu’s electoral team in Maladechna, Valiantsin Tsishko, complained to the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, claiming that such populous places as the central square and the ground in front of the Culture Palace should be excluded from the black list.

It is unknown what influenced the mind of the officials – the complaint or the recent remarks of the head of the Central Election Commission, Lidziya Yarmoshyna, but on 4 October ruling #733 was uploaded to the website of the Maladechna District Executive Committee. However, the square and the ground disappeared from the document.

The same day Valiantsin Tsishko addressed the editorial board of Maladzechanskaya Hazeta with an ad about a picket near the Kalhasny market that would be attended by Ryhor Kostuseu. However, workers of the editorial officers answered that they had a copy of a ruling of the district executive committee according to which electoral pickets were banned at markets and adjacent territories.

Mr. Tsishko addressed the election commission with the request to give him a copy of ruling #733 and received a refusal. Then he wrote a letter to the Central Election Commission, asking to issue him with a copy of ruling #733 and is now awaiting an official reply.

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