Mazyr authorities forget to publish list of members of Mazyr District Election Commission

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Mazyr district press hasn’t published the information about the members of the Mazyr District Territorial Election Commission, though according to Article 34, paragraph 6 of the Electoral Code, ‘the decision about the formation of the commission must be published in the local press within seven days since its adoption… The name, patronymic and the surname of each member of the commission, the way of their nomination to the commission, the location and the telephones of the election commission must be mentioned in the text of the decision.’

Instead of it, the Mazyr socio-political newspaper Zhyttsio Palessia (founded by the Mazyr District Executive Committee and the Mazyr District Council) published two articles concerning the presidential election in its issue #154 of 1 October. One of them, titled 13 people in the commission reports that 17 people were nominated to the commission by citizens, labor collectives, public associations and political parties. 13 of them (the maximal number allowed by the law) were included in the commission. However, this article doesn’t contain the names of the members of the commission, the way of their nomination, the address and the phone numbers of the commission.

The other article, Organizational Issues Have Been Resolved informs the readers about the first sitting of the election commission that was held on 27 September. According to the article, Mikhail Pashynski was elected the commission Chairperson, Yulia Prykhodzka – the Deputy Chairperson and Veranika Baikova – the secretary. The surnames of the remaining ten members of the commission aren’t mentioned there either. The article indicates the working time of the commission, but fails to provide its address and telephone numbers.

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