Babruisk: two deputies to work in district electoral commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The list of the people who became members of the Leninski and the Pershamaiski District Territorial Electoral Commissions were published in issue #78 of the newspaper of the Babruisk Town Executive Committee, Babruiskaye Zhyttsio, for 1 October 2010. 13 persons were included in each commission.

It’s quite clear why the newspaper says nothing about the places of work of the members of the commissions, as the majority of them are state officials of different levels. According to the information, seven of the members of the commissions were nominated by collecting electors’ signatures. The rest were nominated by working collectives and such public organizations as the Belarusian Peace Foundation (two persons), the Belarusian Republican Union (2 persons), Belaya Rus (2 persons), the Belarusian public association of veterans (2 persons) and the Republican Party of Labor and Justice (1 person).

The Leninski District Electoral Commission includes Mikalai Plaksitski, Deputy Director on ideology of the open stock company Slavianka. He headed the commission during the local election; and Maryia Samatkan, who was the secretary of the commission at this very election.

The majority of other members of the commission also have relation to previous elections. For instance, Valiantsina Afanasenka, an officer of the organizational and personnel department of the Leninski District Executive Committee of Babruisk, was a member of electoral commissions during parliamentary and local elections. Tatsiana Prylish, head of a workshop at a state enterprise, ran at the local election, but wasn’t elected. Raisa Syrets was a member of a constituency commission at the local election. Ivan Shulha, who was nominated to the commission by collecting electors’ signatures, was a member of a precinct electoral commission at the local election.

The situation is even more interesting in the Pershamaiski district, where the commission includes two acting members of the Babruisk Town Council of Deputies, Vasil Zubar (deputy general director o the open stock company Babruisk Leather Combine) and Viktar Kazeka (the head of a sector of the Babruisk Heating System). Some more people worked in electoral commissions during the previous election – Alena Belavusava (the Belarusian Republican Youth Union), Aleh Vasileuski (the Babruisk Trolleybus Bureau), Liudmila Dyba (the head of the public utilities), Larysa Razhkova (a teacher in a musical school), Tatsiana Shchus (the place of work is unknown) and Anatol Tarchyla (was a member of the Babruisk Town Council in 2007 and a candidate in 2010, Chairperson of the district council of veterans). Two more state officials joined them during the present elections: two directors of the town colleges and an officer of the Babruisk Town Executive Committee.

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