"Young Front" starts "Get Out!" campaign

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The "Young Front" have taken the decision to conduct the civic campaign "Get Out!", at their session on September 19.

The campaign is aimed at conveying the information that Lukashenka's registration as a candidate for President is illegal, to the Belarusian society.

It is stated in the press-release of the youth organization that in case the leader of the country is registered as a candidate for President, while democratic candidates are not, the "Young Front" will take over responsibility for conducting a boycotte campaign and mobilization of people to the "Square" on December 19, 2010.

The "Young Front" also approved a resolution "Just us", which urges Belarusian politicians to focus only on Belarusian people and Belarusian national interests instead of hoping for some external forces, no matter East or West, to solve the situation.