Fine for hanging memorial board in honor of Larysa Heniyush

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 27 July 2010 Mikalai Kavalchuk installed a memorial board in honor of the 100th anniversary of the poet Larysa Heniyush on the wall of the house where she had been born (the house had been transported from the hamlet of Zhlobautsy to Vaukavysk). However, the memorial board was removed by the police on order of the Vaukavysk District Executive Committee and the activist was accused of having installed the memorial board without an official permission.

Today the Vaukavysk District Court ruled that the activist should be fined 70,000 rubles (about $23) for unauthorized installation of the memorial board, but the board should be returned to him. Mr. Kavalchuk doesn’t rule out that he will appeal against the verdict and address to the procuracy in order to find who had taken the memorial board off the wall because earlier these people hadn’t introduced themselves and had walked on the territory of the house where the board had been installed.