Supreme Economical Court turned down ’Nasha Niva’ lawsuit

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The chief editor of Nasha Niva Andrei Skurko, an expert linguist- candidate of philological sciences Nadzeya Shakun and witnesses – the readers of the newspaper who did not manage to buy the issue in the newsstand, will appear in the Supreme Court, at the trial Nasha Niva vs. the Ministry of Information.

In the warning for 22 July the ministry accuses the newspaper in disseminating untrue information in the article Godfather Confiscated. 'According to Article 244 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus, confiscation is a non-paid seizure of property from an owner as a sanction for a committed crime or other violation, whereas according to information of the republican Unitarian enterprise Belsayuzdruk the newspapers were directed for retail,' emphasized the ministry.

The other warning, dated 26 July, concerns the article BRSM Advertises Godfather Movie. 'According to information of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, activists of this association held an action on 6 July that wasn't aimed at advertisement of the mentioned movie,' reads the warning. 'Correspondingly, the published information doesn't meet the reality and denigrates the reputation of this legal entity.'