Ecologists urge Belarusian authorities to release Uladzimir Valodzin

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The ecological organizations of Belarus, Lithuania and Russia adopted a joint address to the Belarusian authorities demanding an immediate release of Uladzimir Valodzin who was imprisoned on 8 September on suspicion in the assault on the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Minsk.

The central council of the Belarusian Green Party, whose member Mr. Valodzin is, also urged all civil organizations and political parties to elaborate a joint document aimed against the realization of the strategy of tension by the authorities.

’The things that are happening now, detentions of the people who have no relation to these assaults (I mean Uladzimir Valodzin first of all) are aimed at creating the atmosphere of tension and hysteria and are ordered by the very top of the state system. Mass arrests of innocent people can easily take place in such circumstances,’ said the potential presidential candidate of the Belarusian Green Party, Yury Hlushakou.

The European Green Party also addressed the Belarusian authorities in connection with the detention of Mr. Valodzin. Its Secretary General, Jacqueline Cremers, expressed concern in connection wit the latest events in Belarus and urged the authorities to release the groundlessly detained activist.