Vitsebsk: Taras Surhan fined 210,000 rubles for being late

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Judge Uladzislau Shykarou fined Taras Surhan 210,000 rubles for violation of the regime of preventive supervision which manifested in coming home 17 minutes later after the specified time.

The incident happened on 3 September. That day the activists went to Minsk, for which he had a special permission. On his return to Vitsebsk he came to the police station to confirm that he was in the city. However, he was kept there too long and came home too late as a result.

Mr. Surhan says it is his third ‘violation’ of the regime already and he considers it is a purposeful campaign in order to intimidate him with the possibility of imprisonment. He can be really imprisoned if he violates the regime of preventive supervision (to which he had been sentenced for thefts). However, Taras says that his criminal past is over and he has been a staunch oppositionist for several years already.

The latest detentions of Mr. Surhan are connected to his participation in opposition’s actions, at which he raised white-red-white flags.