Activists of 'Speak Truth' deatined at hockey match

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As told to the European Radio for Belarus by the press-secretary of the civil campaign Speak Truth, Yuliya Rymasheuskaya, 12 activists of the campaign were detained at the yesterday’s hockey match between the Minsk Dynamo and the Russian Torpedo (from Nizhniy Novgorod). The detainees were guarded to the Tsentralny District Police Department. This time, the police acted more violently than during the detention of participants of the football match between Romania and Belarus. The people were forced to take off the T-shirts with the Speak Truth logo. Police officers tore off the T-shirts from those who didn’t obey this order.

Though the detained activists received no charges, they were fingerprinted and videoed, which is a clear law violation on the part of the police. The policemen also used tortures – they made the detainees stand facing the wall with legs far apart, made ‘swallows’, etc. According t the press-secretary, all detainees are preparing complaints against the actions of the police.