About 50 oppositionists arrested before match Romania-Belarus

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Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth

About 50 activists of the Speak Truth campaign were arrested by the police in Minsk at the Minsk stadium Dinamo. Those who came to the stadium were told to unfasten their coats. Those who were wearing T-shirts with the inscription Speak Truth (about 50 people) were detained. The civil activists Yury Aleinik, Dzianis Kobruseu, Aleh Miatselitsa and about 40 other detainees were taken first to the police room of the stadium and then guarded to police station #1.

The pretext for the detention was that the activists allegedly resembled some wanted criminals. However, they weren't showed any mugs of these criminals. According to gazeta.by, the presentation of the electoral program of the presidential candidate Uladzimir Niakliayeu was canceled because of this incident.