Homel: detention for ‘Popular Program’

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An activist of the For Freedom movement, Aliaksandr Protska, was detained near the Davydauski market in Homel for handing out booklets with the Popular Program of the presidential candidate Aliaksandr Milinkevich.

According to Mr. Protska, it was the administration of the market who informed the police about his activity. The police guarded him to the nearest police station and confiscated 31 copies of the booklet. A confiscation report was drawn up.

Activist of the For Freedom started handing out the Popular Program in Homel and other towns of the Homel region back in the beginning of August. The envelopes with the booklets also contain questionnaires with the proposal to evaluate the theses according to five-grade scale and pass relevant proposals to Milinkevich’s electoral team.