BCD activist summoned for interrogation

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Belarusian Christian Democracy Vitsebsk activist Ales Halavan was summoned for a confrontation with a robber who attacked him three years ago. However, the activist says a provocation is being plotted by the police.

On 2 August Ales Halavan was detained in his apartment and charged with false report of a crime. After that, he was declared a victim in a robbery case.

‘The investigator says some formal procedures were not carried out. He also said the police had been looking for me for three years. They even wanted to declare me a missing person,’ says Ales Halavan.

However, the investigator later began asking the activist about his political and civil activities, studies abroad and asked him to give the phone numbers of his colleagues. He finally told the activist he would have to come to the police for a confrontation with the robber who had attacked him three years before on 4 August.

The activist says the actions by the police are extremely inconsistent, which is suspicious.