Vitsebsk: BPF Party banned to hold festive assembly on 27 July

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The Kastrychnitski District Executive Committee rejected the application of the Vitsebsk region organization of the Belarusian Popular Front Party for authorizing a festive action dedicated to celebration of an anniversary of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus.

Though the BPF submitted the application to the Vitsebsk City Executive Committee, the answer was received from the Kastrychnitski DEC, as the Recreation and Culture Park named after the Soviet Army (where the applicants intended to hold the action) is situated on its territory.

This park is one of the three places that had been determined as action sites by the Vitsebsk authorities. The formal reason for the dismissal of the application is that the applicants didn’t attach to it the contracts with the medics, the public utilities and the police.

Kastus Smolikau, Chairperson of the Vitsebsk region BPF organization, intends to appeal against this ruling. He states it is completely groundless, as there’s no sense to conclude the aforementioned contracts in the absence of the official permission for holding the action and the absence of concrete information about its date and place.