Over 40 Belarusian judges received disciplinary punishments

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Valiantsin Sukala, Chairperson of the Supreme Court of Belarus, admitted that judges treat people ‘in a rude and boorish manner’.

43 Belarusian judges were brought to disciplinary responsibility in the first half of 2010. It has been stated by Valiantsin Sukala on air of the First National channel of the Belarusian Radio.

He also noted that the response to complaints of citizens against judges is prompt and rather harsh. At the moment every third complaint received by the Supreme Court of Belarus and related to conduct of judges, the failure to perform judicial decisions and organizing of the administration of justice receives the appropriate reaction.

One of the reasons of judicial errors is a great workload on judges. ‘89 cases per one district judge is a serious load, which influences the process of administration of justice itself’, Valiantsin Sukala admitted. ‘At the same time, it does not give a right to judges to treat people in a rude, boorish manner, and does not release them from the tasks which the system justice has’.