Artur Finkevich hospitalized after assault

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Artur Finkevich and Aliaksandr Lykshyn were going to the central office of the Belarusian Popular Front along Masherau Avenue in Minsk. Suddently, several people ran towards them, sprayed an unknown liquid in Artur's eyes and knocked him down.

Then they started beating Artur and Aliaksandr with their hands and feet. They seized a laptop, flash cards, money and a mobile phone from Artur. This happened before the eyes of numerous witnesses. Dwellers of the nearest house called the police and the ambulance.

Artur was driven to the 10th clinical hospital with closed eyes. Medics said that there was a burn from the liquid that was sprayed in his face, he had bruises on the head and jaw and other serious traits of beating.

One of the witnesses reported having seen a young woman together with the assaulters. Artur is sure that the assault is related to the upcoming congress of the Young Belarus that is headed by him. Judging by the way the unidentified persons acted, he believes that they could be officers of a riot police unit, such as Almaz.