Mikalai Charnavus addresses Belarusian authorities concerning violation of entrepreneurs’ rights

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 15 June, the Baranavichy entrepreneur Mikalai Charnavus addressed President of Belarus and Chairpersons of the Council of the Republic and the National Assembly with a complaint against the unlawful actions of the Homel customs office that had unlawfully confiscated goods from entrepreneur Nina Ivanashka in 2009.

As stated by Mr. Charnavus, the Chairperson of the Supreme Court, Uladzimir Sukala, confessed that the Homel customs officers had committed violations and suspended the implementation of the punishment by an appropriate ruling.

However, the goods haven't been returned to the entrepreneur. Moreover, a judge of the Homel Region Court hinted Nina Ivanashka that the ruling of the Chairperson of the Supreme Court would soon me revoked. In his address, Mr. Charnavus asks the authorities why the provincial judge is so sure in her impunity for injustice.