’Novy Chas’ newspaper received a warning

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The regional socio-political edition Novy Chas received a warning from the Ministry of Information. The newspaper is accused of having omitted in its imprint the patronymic of the chief editor, the bar code and the name of the organ of the state government in the sphere of the mass media.

Aliaksei Karol, chief editor of the newspaper, commented: ‘We looked at how the things are in the state newspapers. We haven’t found patronymics almost in any of them. All state district periodicals are printed without a barcode, though it must be present if they are sold. Our newspaper is neither sold at the state newsstands nor distributed by subscription. I think that it is connected to the pre-electoral fuss, and newspapers are warned with the aim to to ease their liquidation or restriction of their activities.’

A young distributor of the newspaper, in whose car the police found a pile of Novy Chas copies, will be tried in Hrodna on 14 June. The police accuse him of an ‘attempt to distribute the newspaper’.