Two more categories of citizens to be subject to foreign travel restrictions

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On 10 June, a press conference of Dzmitry Leuchanka, Chairperson of the passport work and foreign travel department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, took place in Minsk.

According to Mr. Leuchankau, the Belarusian bank of the persons who are subject to foreign travel restrictions is being modified. As a result, the number of such persons will become about 1.5 times smaller.

At the same time, from now on such restrictions can be imposed on two more categories of persons: the citizens who are subject to preventive supervision on an appropriate court decision; and duty officials of the legal entities that are undergoing the procedure of bankruptcy.

As pointed by the official, the possibility to decrease the number of the persons subject to foreign travel restrictions is a result of the new legal norms, allowing an alternative approach to the issue of applying or non-applying of such restrictions towards a concrete person under investigation. The decision on this matter will be taken by the investigation.