First court hearing on liquidation of ‘Tell Truth’

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Andrei Aliakhnovich, Judge of the Minsk Economic Court, held the preliminary sitting on the case concerning the dissolution of the educational institution Movement Forward which is known as the organizer of the civil campaign Speak Truth. The lawsuit for its liquidation was lodged by the Minsk City Executive Committee.

The formal reason for the liquidation is that the institution allegedly provided inaccurate information about its legal address.

’We disagree with it. We acted in line with the law and presented the precise address of our institution in all our documents,’ stated Katsiaryna Vashcheika, a founder of Movement Forward.

Judge Andrei Aliakhnovich granted the motion of the representatives of Movement Forward for being supplied with the necessary documents that are stored in the organization’s office that had been sealed by the police.

According to the judge, the next sitting will take place not earlier than in two weeks.