Minsk Region Court supports 'Boiki Kletsk' editor

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The administrative case against the Kletsk activist, editor of the Boiki Kletsk newspaper Siarhei Panamarou, has been directed for review.

The Minsk Region Court considered Panamarou's appeal against the verdict of the Kletsk District Court of 29 April, according to which the activist had been fined 350,000 rubles (about $110) for insulting Aliaksandr Navitski, Chairperson of the Kletsk housing office.

On 15 March, a conflict occurred between Navitski and Panamarou. According to Mr. Panamarou, the official insulted him during it. The conflict took place before the eyes of Panamarou's guests from Minsk, who signed under Panamarou's appeal to the Kletsk District Procuracy. In some time, Mr. Navitski lodged a counter-claim with the local police. The police drew an administrative report and forwarded the case to the court that found Siarhei Panamarou guilty and sentenced him to pay a fine. Meanwhile, the Kletsk District Police Department didn't consider the appeal that was filed by Mr. Panamarou.

However, on 28 May the Minsk Region Court abolished the verdict of the Kletsk District Court and returned the case for review, pointing that the trial of Panamarou was held with violations of a number of articles of the Process Executive Code of Administrative Offences.