Editor of self-made newspaper ‘Poklich Voli’ dismissed from work

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Siarhei Salodkin was dismissed from the position of the teach of the Belarusian language in the secondary school of the village of Koptsi of the Vitsebsk district.

According to Mr. Salodkin, he was warned about the dismissal more than a month ago: he was summoned to the education department and told that his labor contract wouldn’t be extended, because of the ineffectiveness of his work. It happened two days after the local elections, the preparation to which was criticized by the teacher in his article Political Pathology. One of the characters of the article was the head of the education department who headed the district election commission during the election.

He was often hinted at school and at the district education department that his newspaper was considered as oppositional. Another reason that could influence his dismissal is the reluctance of Siarhei Salodkin to join the official teachers’ trade union, which was also emphasized during his talks with the school administration.

Siarhei Salodkin is not going to stop issuing the newspaper and intends to start a close cooperation with some large independent edition.