Brest: interrogations of activists of BSDP 'Hramada'

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Brest activists of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada were summoned to police for interrogation in connection with the recent searches at the places of activists of the Speak Truth campaign.

The administration of the Brest city BSDP organization hopes that the status of the confiscated equipment will eventually become clear and the law-enforcement agencies will inform them about it.

'Of course, we are waiting. If they confiscated something from us – they must explain why. I also need to know my status in this case, and the status of the party office. Many personal belongings were confiscated – flash cards, laptops and notebooks,' said Hanna Kanius, Chairperson of the Brest city BSDP branch.

Bear in mind that on 18 May the country was swung with a wave of forced searches at the offices and private apartments of activists of the Speak Truth civil campaign, as a result of which many computer appliances were confiscated by the police.