Lida: spontaneous rally against environmental pollution

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

More than two thousand signatures have been already collected under a demand to the authorities to revoke the decision to build a Metal Structures Hot Dip Galvanizing plant in the town of Lida. The local dwellers expressed their protest also at a meeting held on 1 June.

The authorities plan to build the plant at a distance of 350 meters from the nearest village and 800 meters from a residential neighborhood of Lida.

There is already Optik plant in this district, and sewage treatment works near the villages. Their waste pipes go immediately to the kitchen gardens of the village.

The new construction is to spoil the ecological situation, so people have gathered for a rally against the plant construction.

‘This plant won't bring us anything except illnesses. What is galvanizing, or zinc coating? Metal would be put into melt Zink, and harmful waste will come to us,’ the dwellers say.

‘About 200 tons of hydrochloric acid of high concentration a year would be processed here. In case of some emergency we would be simply drowned by this acid. They are deceiving us, saying it is not harmful. They are not worried that our children would die earlier,’ people are indignant,’ say the Lida dwellers.

‘But we have the right for decent life, which includes normal ecological conditions. And we demand to have such a right,’ said one of the protesting women.