Brest: police accuse BCD activist Zmitser Shurkhai of theft

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On 30 April Andrei Bychyk, a police inspector of the Maskouski District Police Department of Brest, phoned to Zmitser Shurkhai, an activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, to invite him to the police department as a suspect in the theft that was witnessed by an anonymous person who had phoned to the police lately.

The inspector informed Mr. Shurkhai, that the anonymous told them that on 26 April he saw Shurkhai come out of his car and take something out from a drunken man’s pocket. He also told them the number of the car and the brand of the car.

The activist refused to come to the police department without an official writ, to which policeman Bychyk answered with threats.

Zmitser Shurkhai considers these accusations absurd. ‘First of all, I was outside Belarus till the afternoon of 26 April. Secondly, my car was at a repair shop till 1 May, and thirdly – I am preparing a complaint to the procuracy about inspector Bychyk’s groundless accusations and personal threats,’ he said.