Another registration attempt by ‘Berastseiskaya Viasna’

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The human rights NGO Berastseiskaya Viasna makes another attempt to get registered with the state. A constituent assembly took place in Brest, at which representatives from all districts of the Brest region were present. The first registration attempt took place in 2004. However, the NGO was denied registration, as well as during the next four attempts.

The denials had different formal motivation each time. One time it was lack of a receipt for the state fee, another time the authorities made a person revoke the guarantee letter for providing the organization with premises for its legal address, etc.

The founders of Brestskaya Viasna appealed the non-registration at court, but unsuccessfully.

Uladzimir Vialichkin, one of the NGOs founders, explains the reasons for the new registration attempt: ‘We need to make the world community and the authorities understand that we exist and they need to act. We show our will for being an organization and protecting people’s rights. We understand that a good food is aye getting, that’s we will continue undertaking registration attempts till we achieve our aim, the more that the existence of such organization is an important factor in Belarus.’

The founders of Berastseiskaya Viasna intend to lodge with the Main Justice Bureau of the Brest City Executive Committee the documents for registration of the association.

Uladzimir Vialichkin says that he foresees the possibility of pressurization of the founders by the state authorities including at work.