Babruisk: strange calculations by commission members

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The members of the election commission at Babruisk’s polling station #14 reportedly rigged the voting results, says candidate Yauhen Vaskovich, who had seen a paper drawn up by the commission members, saying that several hundred ballots were gone. However, after the vote counting the ballots were suddenly found.

‘The paper which used to be hanging on the stand in the morning read that 64 persons had taken part in the early vote, the figure announced at the end of the day was different. The commission’s chair declared that 420 persons had voted early. Still, one of my rivals Ruslan Chevychelau said he would appeal the incident, for did not understand why the constituency with 1,020 voters received 1,400 ballots,’ says Mr. Vaskovich.

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