Verkhniadzvinsk: number of invalid ballots reaches record figure

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The results of vote counting in the town of Verkhniadzvinsk turned out to be rather strange. A huge number of ‘spoilt ballots’ were found at the polling stations with candidates representing the Belarusian Social Democratic Party ‘Hramada’ – up to 120 per station.

‘I was especially surprised by the figures announced as a result of ‘home vote’. The old and sick people would never vote against all. They would always choose someone. Now, there are two votes for one candidate, 4 votes for another, and 15 – against all. To me, as a person with huge experience of election observation, such figures seem very suspicious. The same applies to the unreasonably high amount of invalid and spoilt ballots – up to 120 per polling station,’ says the party’s representative Ms. Valiantsina Kudlatskaya.

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