Polatsk: Strange unanimity of early vote

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The results of separate vote counting in a number of polling stations of Polatsk proved to be extremely weird.

Two polling stations, with opposition candidates of ‘Just World’ party running at them, were attended by observers. Here is what Mikalai Sharstsiuk, who observed the vote counting at polling station #15, said: ‘There was separate counting of ballots from early vote boxes, and those from portable boxes. And all the ballots from these two boxes were cast in favour of the pro-state candidates. The boxes with ballots cast on the day of the election showed the following results: 80% for the pro-state candidate, 10& for the ‘Just World’ candidate, and the rest – against all candidates. The observers had to watch the commission’s work from several meters away. The final minutes were not made public, the chair simply turned his back on us: ‘I have no time, I’ve got to go!’ and it was the secretary who told us the results.’

According to observers, the voters’ turnout in the town of Polatsk is round 70%.

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