CEC secretary Lazavik: ‘If you are not let inside territorial commission, they will be right’

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Article 13 of the Electoral Code states the open and public nature of the elections. Observer Siarhei Housha, considering his previous experience, when he was not allowed visiting the Branavichy territorial election commission, decided to inquire about the issue in advance.

In a telephone conversation with the secretary of the Central Election Commission Mikalai Lazavik, the observer said that he had been previously not allowed visiting the territorial election commission on the day of the voting since he allegedly could only attend the meetings of the commission. He also inquired about the official’s position on the issue. Mr. Lazavik said that under Article 13 of the Electoral Code an observer could only be present at the meetings of the territorial election commission. ‘If you are not let inside the territorial commission tomorrow, they will be right,’ said the secretary.

In other words, the observer can only seat in the polling station 14-15 meters away from the election commissioners and has no right to observe the transfer of ballots to the territorial commission.

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