Salihorsk: colonel is not afraid of punishment for law violations

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the morning, posters of a pro-governmental candidate, colonel Valery Zainchkouski, were posted on all houses of constituency #13. His rival, oppositional candidate Aliaksei Valabuyeu, considers it as a reaction to the wide agitation campaign conducted by members of his electoral team.

Bear in mind that it is not the first case when unlawful means of agitation are used. The activists state that invitations to the electoral meeting of Zainchkouski were openly signed by the administration of the housing office, and his electoral posters were distributed by workers of state enterprises in the labor time.

Ivan Shyla, A.Valabuyeu’s proxy, lodged a complaint with the district election commission where facts of violation of the legal requirements during the agitation campaign from the side of V.Zainchkouski are enumerated and evidence is drawn.

Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections