Mazyr: candidate demands that police abide by electoral legislation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 24 April Uladzimir Tseliapu, a candidate for the Homel Regional Council of Deputies, addressed Piatro Zykun, Chairperson of the Mazyr District Police Department, in connection with detention of the candidate Franak Viachorka that was witnessed by him.

In his complaint, Mr. Tseliapun draws the attention of the official to the fact that during a talk with the policemen Danchanka, Kozel and two more people in mufti, who called themselves ‘guards of public order’, it was found that they didn’t know what law they were guarding. They said that they didn’t see how a member of a precinct commission posted an election ad over Viachorka’s electoral poster and therefore didn’t prevent her from violating Article 45 of the Election Code. However, they paid a rather quick reaction to lawful actions of candidate Viachorka when he removed the ad from his poster.

Mr. Tseliapun also argues that Zykun’s subordinates know nothing about Ruling of the Mazyr District Executive Committee #280 of 15 March 2010. That’s why Mr. Tseliapun advises the head of the district police department to familiarize the policemen with this ruling as well as with provisions of the Electoral Code so that they would be more accurate while guarding the public order during the elections.

Moreover, the candidate turns the attention of P.Zykun, who is also a member of the Mazyr District Election Commission, that the Ruling, that was adopted by the district executive committee with the concurrence of the election commission, doesn’t determine any places for posting agitation materials in the Chyhunachny suburb except for ‘informational stands in organizations, educational, cultural and medical institutions, village executive committees and windows of shops, cultural and medical institutions’.

He also demands to ensure the implementation by officers of the Mazyr District Police Department (including Piatro Zykun) of Article 13 of the Electoral Code, according to which police officers cannot be present on the territory of election commissions during calculation of the poll.

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