Hrodna: each election commission is supervised by an official of Hrodna City Executive Committee

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As it was learned by the civil human rights defender Raman Yurhel, each constituency and precinct election commission of Hrodna is supervised by a curator from the Hrodna City Executive Committee. Mr. Yurhel found about it when he was informed over the phone about the deprival of accreditation as an observer of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee at the Universitetskaya constituency #3 for elections to the Hrodna Regional Council of Deputies.

Raman Yurhel immediately phoned to the Universitetskaya constituency election commission and had a talk with Yuliya Fiadosava, its secretary. She said that Nina Salei, the commission curator from the Hrodna City Executive Committee had considered Yurhel's documents on Monday and ordered to deny him accreditation. Fiadosava emphasized that submitting such documents to curators was a usual practice in all precinct and constituency election commissions, and added that curators helped the commissions in such a way and also gave consultations to them.

However, when Mr. Yurhel phoned to the executive committee, he was answered that the executive committee had nothing to do with elections.

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