Baranavichy: 15% of electors voted during first three days of early voting

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to information of the private newspaper Intex-press, 15% of the Baranavichy electors voted during the first three days of early voting, that's why it can't be ruled out that this time more than the usual 25% will vote by the Election Day.

As stated by Intex-press, about 3,700 electors voted in Baranavichy on the first day of early voting. This number reached 18,500 after three days. Thus, the number of those who have casted their votes already corresponds to the national average – 15%.

That's why the newspaper concludes that more than 25% of voters can vote early in Baranavichy. For instance, 400 out of 1,480 electors of precinct #43 voted during these three days, which is 27%.
The administrative resource is still widely used by the authorities to force people to vote. Workers are threatened with dismissals and students – with expulsion or deprival of scholarships. This year, bus drivers were 'invited' for early voting. On 25 April, schoolchildren will perform at concerts in the places where election precincts are located, so that their parents will come to have a look at them, and also cast their votes.

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