Minsk election commissions refuse access to information even to members of higher election commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 22 April the Minsk city election commission considered the complaints of two candidates – Mr. Kazeyeu and Mr. Kuushynau. As a result, the Commission ordered the local election commissions to allow the presence of those who applied for attending the commission’s meetings.

After only 8 members remained at the meeting, i.e. lacking the quorum, the commission considered the incident that happened in constituency #30. On 22 April, one of the constituency’s polling stations was visited by a member of the Minsk City Election Commission Siarhei Alfer, who asked for a permission to study the list of voters. However, he was denied access to the information.

The Commission’s chair Ms. Krauchanka said that ‘the Commission had not authorized Mr. Alfer to do something like that.’

However, not all the commissioners supported the chair. Mr. Astakhau, representative of the Officers’ Union, said: ‘What do you mean by that – not showing something to a member of the superior commission?! In the area I was assigned to they always show me all the materials!’

Siarhei Alfer suggested inviting deputy chair of the local commission Ms. Lapshova to the meeting. Ms. Krauchanka replied: ‘We are not going to invite anyone, elections are under way, everybody’s busy.’

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