Opposition candidates in Belarus seized printers and computers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Local council canddiate Syarhei Trafimchyk was searched by the militia on April 22.

Searches and interrogations in connection with the criminal case instigated by the Hrodna region KGB department against Ales Zarembyuk, a candidate to the Masty district and Hrodna region councils, go on in the Hrodna region.

On April 22, politician’s wife Tatsyana Zarembyuk was questioned in the town of Masty, on April 23, Zarembyuk’s parents were questioned.

Local council candidate Syarhei Trafimchyk (the village of Byarozauka of the Lida district) was searched on April 22. The search warrant said Ales Zarembyuk had allegedly taken his belonging from Masty to Trafimchyk.

Syarhei Trafimchyk was seized a hard drive, newspapers, a printer, CDs with music, songs and films. The militiamen even seized a t-shirt with a slogan For Freedom movement.

Earlier, an apartment of Ales Zarembyuk was searched, where a computer and flash memory cards were seized.

We remind that a criminal case under the article “fraudulent practices” was instigated against Zarembyuk. Allegedly he lent a bit sum of money and hasn’t returned it. The politician says it is slander and believes the criminal case was instituted due to his oppositional activity.