Opposition activist Volha Karach removed from local election race in Vitsebsk

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Volha Karach, a prominent activist who was running for a seat at the Vitsebsk City Council, was removed from the election race on the first day of the early voting.

Volha told Euroradio that the creation of hurdles for rallies with her contender's voters and the distribution of balloons were named as the official reason of removing her from the polls..

Karach said this decision of the authorities is linked with her expected radio address to voters and her popularity. She said: "I was scheduled to talk on the radio. I was talking about Kyrgyzstan and that the authorities should learn lessons from the experience of the Kyrgyz collegues. This is not a plot or the actions by the opposition. This is a reaction of the very patient people who were brought to the edge by the actions of the government and utility problems. My statement was to be broadcast live at 1830 yesterday. I think that somebody had listened to it and was stunned".

Karach also said that students were organized to come to vote early yesterday, but many did not hide they were supporting her.