CEC chair Yarmoshyna indirectly admits violations by Baranavichy town election commission

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 20 April Mikalai Charnavus, who was refused registration as a candidate, received a reply to his complaint from the Central Election Commission, signed by the Commission’s chair Lidzia Yarmoshyna.

The reply indirectly admits violations of the Electoral Code by the Baranavichy town election commission. Ms. Yarmoshyna said that the commission’s activities had been considered by the Brest regional election commission, who recommended the local commission’s chair Yury Shastsiarniou to adhere by the electoral legislation.

However, Mikalai Charnavus is going to continue fighting for his rights and lodged complaints to Brest Regional Court and Brest Regional Prosecutor’s Office, claiming he had been illegally refused registration.

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