Local official orders to strip off BPF Adradzhennie candidate’s posters

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Anton Tsydzik, member of the BPF Adradzhennie Party, running for the Mahiliou City Council, reports that all his election posters have been stripped off.

‘I posted my posters by the notice-boards, since the boards are too small for my posters. However, Ms. Tamara Habruseva, official of local housing department #4, ordered to strip them all off and warned me not to post my canvassing materials on the walls of the houses that belong to the department,’ says the candidate.

After the incident was appealed at the Mahiliou City Election Commission, the Commission’s secretary Ms. Liubou Makranka allowed posting the candidate’s posters by the notice-boards.

At the same time, the management of the city’s construction trust #13 still opposes posting the candidate’s posters on its building, claiming that the materials are extremist and contain an appeal for violent upheaval.

‘The trust’s management found extremism and appeals for violent upheaval in my texts, although I explained them that there was no anti-state matter in them. It is a distress of an election!’ says Mr. Tsydzik.

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