Baranavichy: Ryhor Hryk is not going to put up with lies of city election commission

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The member of the For Freedom movement Ryhor Hryk who hadn’t been registered as a candidate for the Baranavichy City Council by the Baranavichy City Election Commission because of ‘invalidity of signatures’, lodged complaints with the Central Election Commission and the Baranavichy City Procuracy after the failed attempt to get the justice at the Brest Regional Election Commission and the Brest Regional Court.

He insists that the ‘statements’ of citizens that were presented by the Baranavichy City Election Commission as evidence are false, because all signers put down their signatures and the dates near them on their own. The activist is absolutely sure in it, as he personally collected these signatures. Moreover, he has seven documents supporting his stance, and believes that the validity of the signatures in his support can be proved by any professional expertise.

In his complaints, Mr. Hryk states that he doesn’t know for sure how the commission managed to make the electors sign the refusals from their signatures in his support, either with threats or lies. However, he presented copies of statements by electors Siarhei Nehamiadzianau (of 26 March 2010), Lidumila Kachura (of 26 March 2010) and Valiantsina Kastsiuk (of 26 March 2010) that were composed after verification of signatures in his support, as well as statements of two witnesses who saw Mr. Nehamiadzianau sign in support of the candidate.  

Ryhor Hryk states that the actions of the Baranavichy CEC rudely violate the Electoral Code and the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. That’s why they must be investigated and given an appropriate legal evaluation according to Article #49 of the Election Code.

In his address to the procuracy Mr. Hryk asks to:

1) check the signature sheets of the citizens whose ‘statements’ were presented by the election commission and who allegedly denied putting the signatures and dates in the sheets in their own hand;

2) take an appropriate legal decision and draw to account those guilty of electoral violations in line with Article 64 of the constitution and Article 49 of the Election Code.

He also asks the Central Election Commission to check his information about gross violations of electoral legislation committed by the Baranavichy City Election Commission, dissolve it, appoint new elections to the commission and register him as a candidate for deputy.

Similar statements to the procuracy and the Central Election Commission are being prepared by Viktar Tsiapin and Mikalai Charnavus, who weren’t registered as candidates either.

Earlier, such complaints were also lodged by election observer Siarhei Housha.

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