Information at website of Barysau District Executive Committee is incomplete and inaccurate

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The website of the Barysau District Executive Committee has a section dedicated to the upcoming elections. However, the information is incomplete and sometimes inaccurate.

In particular, the Minsk Regional Election Commission registered Tamara Kavazhenka as a candidate for the Barysau District Council of Deputies at election constituency #7 back on 1 April, despite the earlier registration denial of the Barysau District Election Commission. However, her rival, pro-governmental candidate Valery Hnilazub, Chairperson of educational center #72 on preparation of ensigns and young professionals is still the only candidate that runs at this constituency according to information of the website.

Moreover, the boundaries of election constituencies #9 and #10 (and, accordingly, the number of electors there) were changed by decision #3 of the Barysau Town Election Commission, which wasn’t reflected at the website that still contains outdated information on this matter.  

The website of the Barysau DEC also doesn’t provide any information about the income of the candidates. The absence of this very information in the newspaper of executive committee can be caused by lack of space, but for websites this argument is inapplicable.

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