Krychau: democratic candidates demand to publish information about income of pro-governmental ones

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Information about the income of candidates for the Krychau district Council of Deputies wasn’t published by the state press.

’The district newspaper Krychauskaya Zhyttsio published only the list of candidates for deputies. However, the information about their assets and income for 2009 is absent, though its publication is provided by Article 68, part 21 of the Election Code of the Republic of Belarus,’ states the chief editor of the Volny Horad Siarhei Niarouny, a candidate for the district Council of Deputies.

He states that the reluctance to publish the income information plays against the pro-governmental candidates. It is connected with the fact that they have huge wages, which presents a great contrast to the general poverty in the country.

’Mikalai Herdzei has already lodged an appropriate application with the procuracy. Now we are waiting for an official answer. If we will get an answer before publication of the information about the income of candidates for deputies, we will lodge a complaint with the Mahiliou regional election commission.’

Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections