’Nasha Tolochinshchina’ created a gallery of portraits of pro-governmental candidates

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Some interesting observations by Ales Mazhuha have been recently published at orsha.belarda.org.

According to the author, ‘the list of the candidates for deputies of the Talachyn district Council of Deputies has a strange correlation with characters of essays, interviews and portraits published in the district newspaper Nasha Talachynshchyna’.

Then Mr. Mazhuha enumerates the pro-governmental candidates who are promoted by the newspaper:

On 3 February the newspaper published an article about Siarhei Marchanka, Chairperson of the Krasnaselle enterprise, a candidate for the Kokhanava settlement Council of Deputies and the Talachyn district Council of Deputies.

On 10 February, the head of the electric nets of the Talachyn district gave an interview to the newspaper.

On 17 February, the front page features a portrait of the Deputy Chairperson of the Talachyn district executive committee, a member of the Presidium of the Vitsebsk regional Council of Deputies Heorhi Murashka, a candidate for the Vitsebsk regional and Vitsebsk district Councils of Deputies.

On 20 February, Iryna Talkachova, Deputy Chairperson of the Kokhanava secondary school, looks at the readers from the newspaper pages.

24 February – an article about Siarhei Yashchuk, head of road service #5.

6 March – the journalists ignite the readers’ hearts in favor of Anatol Kaluptsevich, master of the Talachyn bureau of gas economy.

’The enumeration of the unobtrusive publications in favor of pro-governmental is closed with a portrait of Siamion Shabryn, Deputy Chairperson on ideology of the Kokhanava housing service. Of course, there are no violations of the Electoral Code. It is a pure coincidence,’ concludes the author of the internet sketch.

By the way, the newspaper continues publishing new articles. In one of the latest issues it published an article with a photo of Aliaksandr Matskevich, Chairperson of the Aboltsy enterprise who runs for the Talachyn district Council of Deputies as well.

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