Newspaper of Babruisk town executive committee calls on electors to vote early and cast their votes for deputies of last convocation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The main printed organ of the Babruisk town executive committee, printed the article We Will Choose a Future for Our Town on Our Own. The article opens with a statement that all events that take place in the town ‘should be viewed through the prism of the upcoming elections’. Then its author, Aliaksandr Tsimafeyeu, mentions the presence of members of political parties in the lists of candidates, and adds that the main thing is not a ‘sympathetic status’, but ‘serving to the people’.

Further, the author assures the readers that ‘only successful people who know how the work should be done can increase the role of the Council in the socio-political and economic life of the country’. That’s why, ‘the new convocation of the town council must consist of worthy, literate and experienced people, patriots of their native town. There are many such people among deputies of the previous convocation.’

Thus, the state-owned edition calls on the Babruisk dwellers to voted for deputies of the previous convocation, making an emphasis on their ‘experience’. At the end of the article, the author also caringly adds: there’s a sowing season and one has to hurry to be able to make everything in time, hinting that it would be better to vote early, before the Election Day.

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