Mahiliou: candidate again finds election commission drinking

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

While going round the precincts situated on the territory of his election constituency, Aliaksei Paulouski, a candidate for the Mahiliou city Council of Deputies, again found members of the Zavadskaya precinct election commission #3 drinking alcohol.

’When I entered the building of the school of Olympic reserve where precinct election commission #53 is situated, the janitor told me to wait a bit and quickly went to the room where the commission office was situated. I went after her to see why she behaved like that. When I entered the office of the election commission, there weren’t any people there. Appetizers were served on the table, an unfinished bottle of vodka stood there as well. The janitor managed to warn the commission members about my visit, as a result of which they quickly fled through the back door,’ says the candidate.

Aliaksei Paulouski points that he also found this very commission drinking alcohol during the previous parliamentary elections. ‘I called to the procuracy, asking them to register this fact. However, it was impossible to prove it at court. As a result, they remained unpunished. I didn’t do it this time as I had no photo camera to make any photos of what was happening in the office of the precinct commission.’

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