Barysau: 'liberalization' spreads on information about candidates' income

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The list of the candidates for the Barysau district Council of Deputies of the 26th Convocation was published by the state-owned newspaper Adzinstva two days after their registration. The list includes their surnames and names, the dates of birth the official positions, the places of work and residence and the party affiliation.

However, Article 68 of the Election Code of the Republic of Belarus also demands publication of information about the yearly income of candidates in the scope that is determined by the Central Election Commission.

Who ignored this legal requirement? Was it the Barysau election commission or the editorial office of Adzinstva? It is quite clear that somebody considered it undesirable to give the electors an opportunity to compare their wages to that of the candidates.

Meanwhile, pro-governmental candidates will run unopposed in 30 out of 34 constituencies on elections to the Barysau district Council of Deputies.

Bear in mind that such information was published by Adzinstva during the elections to the local Councils of Deputies of the 25th Convocation, before the declared 'liberalization'.

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