Beshankovichy: electoral speech by candidate Heorhi Stankevich not broadcast by local radio

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The electoral speech of the member of the unregistered party Belarusian Christian Democracy Heorhi Stankevich, a candidate for the Beshankovichy district Council of Deputies, was recorded, but wasn't broadcast but the local radio. He was explained that putting the speech on the air was banned by the district election commission, because as a result the candidate could 'defame other candidates for the district council of deputies' and 'the content of the speech isn't related to issues of the candidate's program'.

The candidate, in his turn, says he didn't violate any provisions of the election laws. He just prepared his speech on his own and said the truth there. In particular, he spoke there about the wages of the state officials compared to that of common people. Mr. Stankevich also said that there are no real elections as there is just one candidate at almost every constituency. An alternative exists only in several constituencies.

Heorhi Stankevich lodged a complaint with the regional election commission in connection with the aforementioned situation and attached the text of his speech to it.

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