'Young Front' is denied registration

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The democratic youth organization Young Front was denied registration. The official reasons are the discrepancy of the registration documents and the legal address of the organization and the fact that many its founders have been drawn to administrative and criminal responsibility.

In particular, the answer of the Ministry of Justice reads: '43 founders of the youth civil association 'Young Front' (more than a half of the total number of founders) including almost all members of the governing body of this civil association, have been drawn to administrative responsibility, many of them more than once, including for offences connected with violation of the public order and rights and liberties of other people (Dashkevich Dz.V., Chairperson of the 'Young Front' – 16 times, Shyla I.U. – 17 times, Samoilava K.S. – 13 times, Karnou Dz.E. – 11 times, etc.).

The aforementioned information doesn't confirm the intention of founders of the YCA 'Young Front' the act within the guidelines of legislation of the Republic of Belarus without violating the public order, rights and liberties of other citizens.'

Two years ago, several tens of Young Front members were interrogated within the frames of a criminal case concerning their activities on behalf of unregistered organization. Ten of them were drawn to criminal responsibility and were punished with fines, and Dzmitry Dashkevich, the leader of the organization, was imprisoned.