Barysau: electoral meeting at closed precinct

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The administration of the military unit #93685 refused to let in Tamara Kavazhenka, candidate for the Barysau district Council of Deputies, her proxies and a group of electors for about 30 minutes.

Precinct #5 of election constituency #7 is situated in the club of the military unit. An electoral meeting with colonel Valer Hnilazub, a candidate for the district council, and his rival Tamara Kavazhenka, well-known among the people for her active struggle against the impoundment of the local yards, was to have taken place there on 6 April at 6.00 p.m.

An officer who introduced himself as the head of the precinct stated that precinct #5 was closed and civilians were banned to enter it. When Kavazhenka's proxy Mikhail Vasiliieu started phoning to the Barysau district election commission and the Central Election Commission, the officer changed his mind and let the candidate and the proxy come in. At the same time, he blankly refused to let in the citizens of the village of Dymki who wanted to ask colonel Hnilazub how he would solve their problems if he would be elected a deputy.

Hnilazubau had already finished his speech by the time Kavazhenka and Vasiliieu came to the club where some tens of soldiers gathered. Candidate Kavazhenka also delivered a speech before the present people and answered their questions.

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