BCD member Viktar Spruzh is not employed for political reasons

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The administration of the paper mill Chyrvonaya Zorka refused to employ Viktar Spruzh, a member of the Belarusian Christian Democracy from Chashniki, because of his friendship with independent candidates and journalists.

Electrician Viktar Spruzh had an audience with the director general of the paper mill concerning the employment. The director directed him to the head of the electric workshop where there were some vacancies. The head of the workshop signed the application for employment immediately, because there was a catastrophic lack of workers and he remembered Viktar as a good specialist who had underwent practical training at this very workshop some time ago.

The head of the personnel department also signed his application with the note that ‘there is a vacancy’. However, several days later Viktar’s mother (who works at the mill) was told that he was denied employment. When Viktar Spruzh came to the paper mill to find about the reasons, everybody told they didn’t know anything. He didn’t manage to find the director at work.

Later some workers of the paper mills (names withheld) told that the real reason for the refusal to employ Mr. Spruzh was his participation in the initiative group of Siarhei Taranau, an independent candidate for the district Council of Deputies, as well as friendly relations with journalists of the independent resource euravitebsk.org.